Rhinoplasty Surgeon - Dr. Glauco Soares de Almeida

Dr. Glauco Almeida graduated from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) in 1996, where he obtained basic knowledge in the field of Othorhinolaryngology and Plastic Surgery (facial and body), and did his medical residency training in a residency program recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the respective Brazilian Association of Othorhinolaryngology (ABORL) and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP).

After graduation, Dr. Glauco Almeida did 7 more years of training (2 years in Othorhinolaryngology; 2 years in General Surgery; 3 years in Plastic Surgery). All this training was performed in postgraduate programs recognized by the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and the respective Societies of Specialties (SBORL; CBC; SBCP) and the Federal Council of Medicine.

During the 7 years of postgraduate program, he participated in several specialization courses at the University of São Paulo (USP) and in other institutions abroad, such as the SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY (Dallas, Texas, USA), recognized as one of the world’s most important centers in the training of Rhinoplasty.
A specialist member of both the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the Brazilian Association of Othorhinolaryngology, he regularly sees his patients in his offices at the Otoclínica hospital ( and at Vitage Clinic (, in the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza.

His surgical activities are regularly made at the Monte Klinikum Hospital ( and at the Otoclínica Hospital ) (, that avail medical teams and complete nursing care (24 hours per day) besides being equipped with unities of  surgical and anesthetics recuperation, as well as Intensive Care Unit (ICU).



Rhinoplasty is a very particular specialty of Dr. Glauco Almeida. Due to his double graduation (Plastic surgery and Otorhinolaryngology) and, as a member of the Brazilian Association of Othorhinolaryngology (ABORL) and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP). , he has a unique training in that field in Brazil.


The concept of rhinoplasty was reformulated completely in the last two decades, and three were the principal reasons:

1 °)-The incorporation of new technologies of intra-operative visualization;

2 °)-The change of the aesthetic standards of beauty;

3 °)-The concomitant nasal functions treatment during rhinoplasty.

Taking into consideration technologies, at present, we carry out surgeries under endoscope visualization pooled to micro cameras of high definition, enabling a fabulous visualization of the whole nasal cavity. This was responsible for a big development in the techniques of treatment of nasal function, using minimal invasive techniques, very efficient and without the use of those terrible nasals packing from the past. All our patients receive treatment of nasal septum deviation, nasal turbinate hypertrophy, nasal obstruction and sinusitis, at the same moment of rhinoplasty.

Regarding to changes in aesthetic standards, we notice that, formerly, rhinoplasty was basically a surgery of nasal reduction, and associated to several stigma. It was easily noticed the one who had carried out a rhinoplasty due to the excessive removal of nasal structures, turning it into a very small and short nose, besides obstructed, in other words, an artificial aspect and dysfunctional. The modern concept is NOSE REMODELING, and not only reduction because the current standards beauty claim bigger and more natural noses, however, delicate, prioritizing the preservation of nasal respiratory function.

The rhinoplasty surgical technique may be “open” or “closed”, according to the preference of the surgeon and the characteristics of the nose to be operated on. We use the open and structured technique in 70 – 80 % of our cases and the closed technique in the remainder.

Much more important than the technique usage (open or closed) or (reduction or structured), is the “DIAGNOSIS OF THE AESTHETIC ALTERATIONS OF EACH NOSE AND ITS APPROPRIATE TREATMENT”, that´s the most important part of the surgery, in order to not  produce similar noses in all patients. The analysis of the facial proportions of each patient influences very much in the planning of each rhinoplasty.

  • The face, through the muscles of expression, reveals our state of spirit; besides, in many cases, our genetic inheritance is put in evidence (skin color, eyes, hair, nose shape, etc.), which identify the racial origins, but, especially, among million of similar ones, individualize us.

Among all the aesthetic plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty is the most delicate one and it requires a specialized plastic surgeon in this procedure so as to be sure about getting a good result. We believe it is fundamental to choose a professional who can carry out the functional as well as aesthetics surgery, since it does not make any sense to undergo it with someone who cannot do or treat one of those two parts.

It is considered an experienced plastic surgeon in rhinoplasty the one who has accomplished, at least, 500 rhinoplasty procedures.

Make sure your plastic surgeon is an associate member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery by accessing the official site at

The Surgeon, who is an associate member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, has performed at least 2 more years of training in general surgery and 3 years of training in plastic surgery after his 6 years of graduation, successfully passing the examination for specialist at the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, after the conclusion of the Medical Residency training.

Dr. Glauco Almeida has also specialized in Othorhinolaryngology (2 more years), having performed more than 2,000 (two thousand) nose surgeries over the last decade.

It is also important to choose a doctor who is an active member of the clinical staff at a respectable hospital because this indicates the referred physician has been accepted by the clinical staff and has the necessary qualifications.


Patients from outside Brazil who cannot speak Portuguese shall contact

Dr. Glauco Almeida by email: glaucosoaresalmeida [@]